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  • My name is shannon. I like animals (sloths in particular) and science. I'm in high school, so that indicates all sorts of things going crazy in my life currently. I'm also trying to learn how to not crash a moving vehicle. I live in the United States. I didn't grow up playing zelda, which is something I regret. I was introduced to zelda through my brother, but only started playing the series when tumblr introduced me to its greatness. I guess another piece of useless information to you is is the reason I was introduced to Zelda. This blog revolves around zelda in case you didn't figure that already.

  • fav zelda game - Twilight Princess is my current favorite. It might change as I continue to replay Zelda games. I guess my favorite thing about twilight princess is the storyline.

  • other fav games - I'm gonna stick to Nintendo games for my favorite games. Pokemon is one of my favorite game series. I have an emotional attachment to pikachu as well. Animal crossing is great as well. I'm the greatest mayor there and make sure my villagers all love me.
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    melody of infinite darkness

    i'm personally really lazy with my theme right now sooo'
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    Are the Arbiter's Grounds the Spirit Temple?

    For those that are curious.