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  • My name is shannon. I am an animal lover who is fascinated by its science. I'm in high school, and have become much busier since I'm doing sports. I live in the United States. I got into the zelda series pretty late. I really starting liking zelda in 2010/2011. My brother is the reason I was introduced to Zelda. And of course this blog was created because I love the series.

  • fav zelda game - All the Zelda games I've played have a place in my heart. Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess are probably my top two. The games both have fantastic graphics to them along with some of my favorite storylines. I also really liked the controls for both games. It also helps that both were on the wii too.

  • other fav game - Pokemon is one of my favorite game series. I grew up playing the pokemon games on my gameboy. The games are fantastic. Pokemon X and Y is my favorite. Once I bought that game I couldn't put it down, it's just that good.
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requested by the-metaandmaria
    Did you do Princess Ruto?

    yes sir I dooooooo and nice icon

    Answered On: Apr 4, 2014
requested by metaandmaria3
    Loft wings?? (I'm new so idk)

    I’ve done loftwings also

    edit: I should probably make a directory of everything I’ve done just so people know

    Answered On: Mar 3, 2014
    Have you done Midna yet?

    I have done Midna before

    Answered On: Mar 3, 2014
    i dont know if you post much anymore but i LOVE your posts and i wish you'd continue :) <3

    thank you! hahahahaha I run out of ideas and I’m also somewhat busy with homework and acnl

    Answered On: Mar 3, 2014